BioSURE Covid-19 Triple Antibody Rapid Test

With students returning to school and employees reentering workplaces in an attempt to get back to some sort of normality, BioSure are proud to announce their complete, cost-effective COVID-19 testing solution to all employers and educational/hospitality sectors of any size. This test enables the opportunity for on-site testing, further education and full reporting, ensuring all necessary workplace COVID-19 safety measures are met with employers being able to demonstrate their own compliance with the current government guidelines.

BioSure has a long history of providing simple and accurate testing solutions for various infectious diseases, notably in 2015, launching the first CE Marked self-test in the UK. BioSURE’s self-test is now available to consumers across four continents, allowing users across the globe to know their status. With 5 years of robust data behind them, BioSure has since positioned themselves as global experts in self-testing and screening and that’s what makes these types of tests particularly distinctive from others available.

Ever since the first few reported cases of COVID-19, BioSure have pivoted their technology and now offer a range of world-leading UK developed and manufactured COVID-19 antibody tests. The BioSURE COVID-19 Antibody Self-Test, which has been available since the beginning of June this year, has since then been withheld from UK consumers due to the government regulators’ perceived risk of people knowing their own antibody status and the actions they might take as a result, regardless of the fact that the test meets the UK’s MHRA target product requirements. Although the self-test is not available in the UK, the test is already available overseas.

To deliver their comprehensive workplace solution which involves testing with a finger prick blood sample in three simple steps with your own results whilst you wait, BioSure have partnered exclusively with PocDoc to build the BioSure powered by PocDoc app.  The app acts as a seamless companion and supports the innovative testing that BioSure is known for. BioSure and PocDoc have already begun working with companies within key “get Britain back to work” sectors including gyms, restaurants and co-working spaces to trial antibody testing.

99% of people who have taken part in the trials so far have said that the screenings were “very easy”. CEO Shaun Stafford of City Athletic stated  “From a testing and results basis, it was super easy and straight forward, quick and hassle free, a perfect set-up”. Eve Bugler, CEO of BabaBoom chain of restaurants said “The BioSure team made us all feel at ease with their friendly professionalism. The testing process was simple, and the results empowered us to all understand more about our health. A valuable experience for all of our multinational team

The complete solution offers tests that detect three different types of antibodies to COVID-19, which can precisely identify those individuals who currently have COVID-19, as well as those who have previously been infected with the virus. This makes the test comparable with antigen swab tests that are already available but with the additional advantage of users being able to know if they have had historical infections. All testing is conducted on-site by a registered healthcare professional and offers accurate results in just 10 minutes.

The BioSure by PocDoc app is a unique security platform that allows each test result to be connected to a specific individual without having to provide their personal data, further providing full traceability without breaching individual privacy.

The app can then generate aggregated, full working reports containing critical data points that can be used to assess workforce health and COVID safety, across multiple sites and across extended periods of time if required. Being able to build this picture allows employers to plan more efficiently and make better informed choices for their teams, especially as the usual autumnal/winter cold and flu season approaches. The app can also recommend key next steps in terms of continued workforce testing and protection to support health and safety due diligence.

In addition to offering a seamless testing solution, BioSure are also helping to raise awareness of a not-for-profit platform created by the World Economic Forum and Arizona State University. With the support of the Rockefella Foundation, this platform will provide high quality data that show how employers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, including testing trends within the workplace.  There is a short, completely confident questionnaire involved that takes about 15 minutes to complete. The questionnaire responses will be open access and enable companies to benchmark against what other individuals are doing and be used as an actionable resource in these challenging times.

“Our, BioSure workplace testing solution offers employers a comprehensive and cost-effective package, where you get results in real time so immediate, informed decisions can be made. Our COVID-19 tests are world-leading in terms of accuracy and simplicity and we are proud to be partnered with the great team at PocDoc and be able to offer the BioSure by PocDoc app. This fabulously user-friendly app is the final piece of the jigsaw in offering a solution and we are totally committed to doing everything we can to help get the UK economy back moving again.” – Brigette Bard, CEO of BioSure.

Steve Roest CEO of Vital Signs Solutions and owner of the PocDoc platform stated that “The BioSURE by PocDoc app is a world-first and we are very proud to be working with the team at BioSure to deliver COVID-19 testing in the UK and beyond. Our global partnership with BioSure will allow employers over the world to get their economies moving again. Our PocDoc digital platform will continue to grow and we integrate more tests onto it, delivering remote app-based blood testing across the globe. “

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