BioSure Global, the team behind the first CE marked HIV self-test, is launching their new range of BioSURE Self Tests to provide an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to help check a wide range of health issues. 

Launching this month as the exclusive testing category supplier,  BioSure are proud to support the National Pharmacy Association’s (NPA) new health and wellbeing initiative ‘Taking Charge Of Your Own Health.’ The campaign is designed to encourage fuller use of pharmacies and provide people with the very best thought leadership and guidance, to keep them as fit, healthy and active as possible. 

Pharmacists are at the frontline of health care, overseeing more than 1.5 million patient visits to pharmacies daily and dispensing over 1 billion prescriptions annually. Currently, many visits to the GP or A&E departments, are for minor illnesses that could more appropriately be dealt with by a pharmacy team.

With the NHS being under constant and increasing pressure, there are now plans to ‘make more of the clinical skills of community pharmacists’ (NHS Long Term Plan). With pharmacies on almost every high street providing access to 96% of the population within a 20-minute journey time, no appointment necessary, longer opening hours and consulting areas on site, the government and NHS 111 are encouraging people to see pharmacies as the first port of call for advice and treatment for common illnesses.

According to the NHS, ‘Early Diagnosis is Key’, and there are 14 new BioSURE Self Tests available, from food intolerance and diabetes to checking thyroid function, alongside specific men’s and women’s hormone tests, as well as ovarian and prostate health tests. 

BioSURE Self Tests are recognised by healthcare professionals, and with the backing of the NPA campaign it is hoped that they will help ease the pressure on the NHS, giving more ownership to the patient and also increasing awareness of the importance of preventative health. BioSure’s mission is to empower everyone to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and make informed decisions around their health.  The new Self Tests can help identify potential areas of concern and the results can help with having an informed discussion with your GP if necessary. 

The range covers Food Intolerance, General Wellness and Energy, Ovarian Reserve, Polycystic Ovaries, Advanced Testosterone, Prostate Health, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Essential Vitamins, Heart Health, Liver Function, Kidney Function, and its original OraQuick HIV Self Test. 

BioSURE Global CEO Brigette Bard confirms this is a game changer:  “We truly believe that self-testing will revolutionise disease diagnosis in our lifetime.  Self-testing can help get an early diagnosis which is key to managing any health condition, improving long term survival rates and quality of life.  It’s also a convenient way to monitor an existing health condition.  Our teams have decades of experience with unique insights into self-testing and we’re passionate about offering people the tools to help them take control of their wellbeing and make informed choices, all backed up by science.”

Currently available from a range of on-line chemists across the UK and via the new NPA microsite, the BioSURE Self Tests range from £29.95 to £275 with a variety of launch promotions available. They are also available online at

For further information about BioSURE Self Tests or other products in the range, contact: (Mble: 07710 774531)  Mble:   07799714006)