BioSure has partnered with PocDoc to create a ground-breaking app, as a companion to the BioSURE COVID-19 Antibody Self Test, Know Now Saliva Test and the AbC-19 Neutralising Antibody Test
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The app supports users to perform their tests and, importantly, to understand what their result means. It also means the data can help to track the COVID-19 infection rates and the prevalence of antibodies, within individuals, workforces, customers and passengers, which plays a critical role in developing systems to keep environments COVID safe and making informed decisions.

It is optional whether people who use BioSURE tests want to use the app but BioSURE and PocDoc are encouraging everyone to do so to keep their own systems robust and a track of individual health. There is still masses of ongoing research around immunity and vaccine programmes, so the more we can all understand the better.

The app is fully certified and available on IoS and Android. All data is held securely for one month and any reports are generated in an anonymised and aggregated format.

The app can also track repeat testing on an individual level.

Finally, the app also gathers feedback from users about their BioSURE test so that we can continue to learn and deliver the best possible test with the best possible user experience and customer service.

How does the app work?

Included with each BioSURE COVID-19 Test is a card with a unique QR code. Users can download the app from the Apple store and Google Play store.

The app will ask for some limited personal information (year of birth, gender and partial postcode) and then some questions about symptoms and when they were experienced which will help the understanding of the virus and how it affects different individuals.

You do not need to enter any contact information, financial information, or even create an account to use the app.

After completing your BioSURE COVID-19 Test, you will be asked to scan your unique QR code, which tracks the batch number and expiry of your test and input the result of your test after visually reading it using the instructions provided in your test kit.

The app will then activate the camera of your smartphone or tablet and can take a photo of your completed BioSURE test. Fit to Fly certificates are now possible through the app.

Information follows about what your result means, whether that is positive or negative for COVID-19 antigens or antibodies.

The app also helps with post-market surveillance, which is a vital point of concern for regulators who are especially worried about people performing their own test.

Workplace Testing Solution

The BioSURE powered by PocDoc app is part of our seamless solution and our pivotal role to ‘Get Britain Back to Work’ by offering an affordable workplace testing solution, alongside key steps to keep your workforce COVID-19 safe. PocDoc offers vital data to support every business’s health and safety due diligence.

CEO of BioSure, Brigette Bard –

Our BioSure workplace testing solution offers employers a comprehensive and cost-effective package, where you get results in real time so immediate, informed decisions can be made. Our COVID-19 tests are world-leading in terms of accuracy and simplicity and we are proud to be partnered with the great team at PocDoc and be able to offer the BioSure by PocDoc app. This fabulously user-friendly app is the final jigsaw in offering a solution and we are totally committed to doing everything we can to help get the economy back moving again.”

Steve Roest CEO of Vital Signs Solutions, owner of PocDoc Platform

“ The BioSure by PocDoc app is a world-first and we are very proud to be working with the team at BioSure to deliver COVID-19 testing in the UK and beyond. Our global partnership with BioSure will allow employers over the world to get their economies moving again. Our PocDoC  digital platform will continue to grow and we integrate more tests onto it, delivering remote app-based blood testing across the globe. “