The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous disruption to everybody’s lives and put businesses and the economy under unprecedented pressure. Now it’s time to start the recovery and although there is no one single solution, BioSure is proud to offer a range of testing options, giving you the tools to move forward with confidence.

Why test for antigens?

Testing for antigens will tell you if you have active, current infection. The KnowNow™ Saliva Test, developed with our UK partner Vatic, which will let you know if somebody is currently infectious.

It is unique in the way it only detects ACTIVE INFECTION, by detecting the SPIKE PROTEIN on the actual virus, in a SALIVA sample – so no more invasive nasopharyngeal or deep throat swabbing.

The test has been proven to be extremely accurate and incredibly simple to use, with your visually-read result in minutes. It has also been optimised to perform against the new variants of the virus.

Why test for antibodies?

Antibodies are produced as part of the body’s natural immune response and are specific to the virus it is fighting or being vaccinated against.

Testing for antibodies is the only way to know if you or your staff/students/customers have previously had COVID-19 infection or had an immune response to the vaccine.

Our understanding about how long immunity can last is still growing, however we do know that antibody levels decline over a period of time and how long that lasts for. Data shows that somebody who has recovered from infection can maintain immunity for over 8 months, however research in how long immunity post-vaccine lasts is ongoing.

With the roll-out of the vaccine programme, antibody testing is more relevant than ever. The vaccine works by triggering an immune response in your body, making it produce antibodies. So the only way to know how your body has responded, is to test.

Regular, repeat testing is the only way to know your COVID-19 antibody status.

The AbC-19™ Antibody test, is proven to detect neutralising antibodies generated by your body due to both natural infection and from vaccination. If you are know the antibody status of your team, at work, in schools and at events, you will be able make more informed choices and plan the best route to ensuring you have a COVID safe environment. The only way to know is to test.

How to access testing?

The BioSURE COVID-19 Antigen Self Test is currently undergoing numerous evaluations. We hope to bring this to you by Spring 2021. Our antigen self-test is perfect for individual, at-home use or mass screening – whether that be workplace, travel, hospitality or event setting.

At the moment, despite the BioSURE COVID-19 Antibody Self Test meeting and exceeding the MHRA criteria, it is currently not possible to supply into the UK as the perceived high levels of behavioural risk are still being assessed and addressed. Our self-test is available for procurement in many countries outside of the UK, EU and USA.

In the interim we have partnered with national Occupational Health companies who are able to cost-effectively deliver testing services for both antigen and antibodies, to companies or care homes within their own settings. The scheme works as a ‘test site pop-up’ with little disruption, efficient testing and accurate results given with minutes. All results can be captured and held securely so that an accurate picture of the person’s COVID-19 heath status can be built up over a period of time.

This ‘test site pop-up’ is also highly suitable for community organisations, schools and universities as students return.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and how we can support you with training, delivery or help prepare your longer term plans.