BioSure Powered by PocDoc

BioSure have partnered with PocDoc, a digital healthcare business, to launch a workplace testing service with 98% accuracy, providing unique QR code for each individual and an easy to use HR dashboard

Workplace Testing in the UK

High demand means long waiting lists for Government COVID-19 tests and until now the only alternative has been to pay extortionate prices to go private. However, from today, a new service called BioSURE power by PocDoc will provide a quick and affordable testing solution to any employer wanting to get people back to work safely.

How does the Covid-19 Test Work?

The test is carried out via a simple finger prick with results being returned in 10 minutes and the cost per test starts from £10. The results display if someone has an active COVID-19 infection based on the presence of early-onset antibodies and should immediately self-isolate. It will reveal if there is a presence of these antibodies, or if the person is free of COVID-19 up until five to 7 days prior to the test. Government tests, while extremely valuable, in contrast, are processed in labs and can sometimes take days to return results.

Monitor Results From You Phone

Another difference with this digital healthcare end-to-end solution is that BioSURE Powered by PocDoc, provides employers with a simple digital platform enabling them to track their workforce’s status and health. This platform provides immediate, secure data collection and visualisation for full traceability, allowing employers to enable a workforce to return to work safely.  There is no limit to the scale of testing available.

Each test provides an individual with a unique QR code that is uploaded to the PocDoc cloud providing vital information for employers. No other service is combining testing with tech, so this information is vital for HR departments enabling them to collate the health and status of their workforce in real time.

Covid-19 Testing Solution Developed in the UK

The tests are manufactured in the UK by BioSure and supplied as part of an exclusive partnership between BioSure and PocDoc. Our rapid coronavirus antibody tests score over 98% accuracy for both sensitivity and specificity, which is far higher than similar tests currently in the market. They are CE marked, approved by the MRHA with published clinical data that has been approved by a regulatory body.

Current testing requires a healthcare professional to be in attendance, which can be provided by PocDoc if the organisation doesn’t employ one in house. 

PocDoc has written to the Government firstly informing them that its tests are fully functioning and offering their digital healthcare service. Secondly PocDoc has offered to share the data they are capturing with Public Health England and any other relevant public health body to help with the national data collation effort. Never before has there been a greater global intention to find solutions to a global pandemic and PocDoc wishes to share this innovation as widely as possible to help get Britain back on its feet. 

Testing Solutions for Employers

PocDoc is in advanced discussions with airports, airlines and live events about deploying their test and app solution, including the ability to integrate with passenger manifests, issue digital travel certificates to the app and to facilitate pre-flight testing or on arrival testing. More to follow.

PocDoc CEO & founder, Steve Roest, says: ‘Everyone is aware of the extent of the testing problem and we believe we have found a solution – just register on the website and we will arrange to come round and test your teams. We are also encouraging the Government to take up our offer to use our service and we hope that public health bodies will take up our offer to share our data to help the national effort. Our service is quick, reliable and safe and extremely cost effective – you can get tested, store, track and evaluate data and return employees safely and securely to the workplace, all for as little as a tenner a head.’