Louise Hobday was keen to find out whether she could still have children after coming out of a seven year relationship.

Due to the twists and turns of life, Louise, from Essex, found herself coming out of a long term relationship and still hoping to have a family.

But at 45, Louise held fears of hitting the menopause. She said: “I needed to know the answers now and not wait until I meet a new partner, so I can make informed decisions on my future and really understand what opportunities are open to me at this stage in my life.

“There’s a huge distracting feeling of sadness knowing it might be too late, and everyone you meet telling me to freeze my eggs.”

Fertility tests can be carried out free by the NHS but are usually recommended if you’ve not conceived after a year of trying.

The health body recommends seeing your GP sooner if you are female and are aged 36 or over as the decline in fertility speeds up when reaching your mid-30s.

Louise continued: “I’d been putting off doing a test mostly as I was fearing the news that it could be too late. Also getting time off from work, when I am not actually trying to conceive was also a barrier.

“If something isn’t urgent I am guilty of leaving it until I need to see a GP as it’s just not convenient to take time from work.”

Four years ago, Louise went to the doctors for the same reason after having a couple of health scares, including a psychic telling her to get checked out.

“I was told then everything was working fine and my fertility levels were also good,” said Louise, “But nothing more as I wasn’t actually trying to conceive, although with my partner.”

Curious about the more recent state of her fertility, Louise found BioSURE’s Ovarian Reserve home test online.

She recalled: “The BioSURE Ovarian Reserve at home test, meant I could get my results quickly and the answers I wanted, it felt awkward going back to the GP as I wasn’t trying to conceive and just needed to understand the possibilities.

“Plus I feel conscious about putting the strain on the NHS when I am not in an emergency, which seems to be embedded in many of us in the UK since the pandemic.

“I found the test online and I was already aware of the BioSURE brand through using their products before, BioSURE is a trusted brand in sexual health and therefore I was confident to use this test and gain accurate, reliable and fast results.”

Louise described the test as “really simple and easy to do”. She continued: “Within 48 hours I had my results and no time off needed from my schedule.”

Louise’s test results were positive: “My test results revealed I still have an opportunity to conceive naturally, but I am aware that at 45 I am now on the clock.

“My ideal situation is still to meet someone solid and have a family, the same reason I have held off for most of these years.

“I am also now looking into other options as of course my initial reasons led me here, 45 and no family of my own.”

BioSURE’s Ovarian Reserve Test measures a woman’s level of anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) to assess the health of the ovaries.

The NHS does not fund AMH measurement, but as part of tests to find out the cause of infertility offer a blood test for progesterone to check whether you’re ovulating. Your GP can offer you more advice on your fertility.