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Product Code – 92004COV

In collaboration with Vatic, BioSure are delighted to bring you the truly unique Know Now™ COVID-19 Antigen Test. Not only is it entirely UK invented, developed and manufactured, it only needs an easy to collect saliva sample – so no more difficult nasopharyngeal swabbing!

The proprietary Know Now® test, detects the spike protein to the virus (not the nucleocapsid protein as with all other lateral flow antigen tests) and this spike is only apparent on live virus, therefore the test only identifies those people with current infection. It is a true infectivity test.

Because the test has been developed solely in the UK, the Know Now™ test has been fully optimised to recognise the new ‘Kent’ strain of the virus and testing of new variants is currently underway, with data available soon.

This test needs no additional equipment, is incredibly straight forward (and painless!) to perform and gives an easy-to-read result in minutes. 


Sensitivity is not the correct terminology for antigen testing, especially for testing in the field – what you really need to know is the Level of Detection (LoD) as this tells you how many antigens there need to be in a sample, for the test to be able to detect them and give a true positive result. Because the Know Now™ test uniquely detects the spike protein and the virus is covered in lots of spikes, it has many more chances to detect each virus. That is the reason why the Know Now™ test can detect down to such low levels 

Independent data evidences the Know Now™ test can detect as low as 500 pfu/ml, which basically means it should show a positive result for someone with COVID-19 the day before they become infectious to someone else 

Specificity – >99.9% (CI: ) (specificity means the number of times the test will correctly identify true negatives, ie no false positives) Independent data evidences our test has not produced any false positives across hundreds of samples, however 100% is not something we would claim – lets just say it’s greater than 99% 

This test is CE marked for Professional Use Only and available to order now

Each Know Now™ box contains –

  • 25 cassettes
  • 25 oral swabs individually packaged
  • 25 buffer solution tubes with dropper lids
  • 1 Product Insert

Product specifications


Product NameKnow Now™  COVID-19 Antigen Professional Test
Sample TypeSaliva
Sample Volume 
Test Time15 minutes
Operation Temperature8° – 30°
Storage Temperature2° – 30°
CertificationCE Marked
Product Code92004COV