Product Facts

BioSURE® PRO Protective Nasal Spray has been proven safe and effective to help prevent infections caused by rotavirus A (sickness and diarrhoea) RSV (common colds), influenzas (flu) and coronaviruses, including COVID-19.


BioSURE® PRO Protective Nasal Spray creates a barrier in your nasal passages that prevents viruses from penetrating the cells, thereby helping to prevent infection. To apply BioSURE® PRO Protective Nasal Spray, follow the steps below:

1. Shake bottle and remove lid.

2. Insert tip into nostril.

3. Spray twice (2 times) in each nostril.

4. Wipe tip and replace lid.

5. Use every 6 hours or as needed.


For nasal use only. Use only as directed.

BioSURE® PRO Protective Nasal Spray is designed to protect you from infection of respiratory viruses, it is not designed as a treatment for COVID-19 infection.

If you have current COVID-19 infection or any other respiratory virus, BioSURE® PRO Protective Nasal Spray will not stop you being infectious to others.

It is recommended never to share nasal sprays with other people. It may spread infection.

Suitable for ages 12 years and older. Keep out of reach of children.

Not recommended for pregnant women. Consult a healthcare professional before use.

Check the ingredients and do not use if you are sensitive to any of them.

Store upright at room temperature. Do not store in direct sunlight.

This product has a shelf life. Once opened the BioSURE® PRO Protective Nasal Spray can be used until the date indicated on the bottle. Do not use if the date has passed.

Package Size:

20 mL per bottle, 0.05 mL per spray