BioSure Hepatitis C Rapid Test. Early stage diagnosis provides the best opportunity for effective medical support and the prevention of onwards transmission.

Our HCV Ag is a highly developed and sophisticated, single-use, immunoassay test that rivals laboratory tests in terms of accuracy, but is able to be performed with the minimum of training and at a fraction of the cost of traditional laboratory testing. Current therapies for hepatitis C give health care providers effective tools to combat the disease. For the first time in history hepatitis C is now curable.

Our Hepatitis C tests are single use, self-contained, simple to conduct, extremely accurate and very cost effective diagnostic tools. They are truly point-of-care.


  • Quick – most tests < 15 minutes
  • Easy to use – Simple, visual YES or NO
  • No lab – can be performed anywhere


  • CE Mark pending
  • Accurate and reproducible
  • Sensitivity >99% and Specificity: >99%

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